Connect openSPOT easily to DMR, D-Star reflectors, C4FM/System Fusion rooms, and use your radio with excellent voice quality without sync errors
Customize communication settings on the web interface
Discover how digital protocols work, and connect your own apps by sending and receiving RF frames in UDP packets
Create your own RF protocol by customizing RF modem settings, packet format, sync words (even with TDMA support)
Use single, or separate RX/TX frequencies
Optional erroneous packet generator module for testing other digital receivers
Supports DMR (Brandmeister, DMRplus), D-Star (DCS, REF/DPlus, XRF/DExtra, XLX), System Fusion (FCS, YSFReflector) networks. More supported networks and features will be available with new firmware releases.
Kent Royce
Just like Echo Link except with shocking bad audio on DMR from most users and more cost involved in buying the internet interface. I tried it and thought it was nothing more than making a simplex telephone call. Not real radio unless you call talking 5 feet across the room to your internet connection. Not for me.
My view on this DMR internet linking
A great little UHF hand held with some great features. The usual DMR radio linking through a repeater or a hot spot plus the usual 70 cm facilities.